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The project aims at upgrading the Jordan phytosanitary inspection system, established by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), and at improving the capacities of the National Center for Agricultural Research & Extension (NCARE). The project will also support both institutions in establishing a traceability system for plant fresh products, as well as to improve the field and post-harvest agricultural practices in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


Mission of the Project

The project is dealing with three aspects of agricultural production:

- Establishment of a traceability system

- Improvement of the extension service and of post-harvest practices

- Enhancement of the phytosanitary inspection system.

The establishment of a traceability system is a key element for the development of quality systems of agricultural productions such as organic farming, integrated management and geographical indications. The possibility of tracing a product throughout the production cycle, from the field to the table, increases its safety, and allows consumers to be informed about all the practices occurred during the production process to obtain the final product. The establishment of this system is expected to improve the safety of plant products for local consumption and to increase the chances for export.

However, the implementation of such system in the farms requires a substantial support from agricultural advisors on the agronomical practices to be applied at farm level, on the methods to improve post-harvest quality and on marketing strategies. This advisory support will be an area for the project to focus on, through the revision of the functional and operational structure of NCARE. The goal is to strengthen the dissemination of agricultural research findings through the extension service.

Phytosanitary control has also a critical role in promoting the improvement of the quality of agricultural products, as it is carried out to assure the marketing of products free from plant pests and diseases. The project is also concerned with strengthening the inspection system and harmonizing the existing legal framework in the Jordan Kingdom with that of the EU and of international organizations.

All these activities are expected to improve the whole agricultural production system in Jordan and lead to facilitate exchanges of goods with the Member States of the European Union.